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Last Video Shot 2 Days Before Beste For U.S. Senate Election 2018

1.     Beste bringing WELL PAYING JOBS to Vermont so Vermonters can live here for generations to come

2.     Tired of the politics, Independent no political party only work for voter. self fund no favors NO MONEY POLITICS – ISSUES NOT SIDES


4.     Reduce taxes and control and streamline regulations to be reasonable and to empower our government employees to more efficiently do their work;

5.     MAKE VERMONt AFFORDABLE. Strong minimum wage.

6.     Affordable baseline medical care

7.     TERM LIMITS, reality is Senators have immense power to obtain media on demand, we have to pay. Companies don’t keep  CEO on forever!

8.     EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK; Womens rights, equality for all

9.     Clean our environment, especially Lake Champlain; control global warming

10.                        Sustain our uniquely Vermont artisan culture and creative farm-to-table counter culture, microbrew culture, and our rural farm culture, artists, performing arts

11.                        Provide opportunities to all working families, our youth, and our seniors; to reduce our ridiculous national debt ($67,000 per person!);

12.                        Our President Works For Us, We The People

13.                        Push our leaders to respect our media and lead by example; push free press to be fair and balance. Our President Is Not Our King, He Works For We The People

14.                        KEEP ELECTIONS CLEAN from inside and outside interference;

15.                        Encourage our country to act fair; 21st Century Nationalist focused on Americans first

16.                        Lower student collegiate debt with inexpensive lower cost online

17.                        Address high cost of child care for working families. Group sharing?

18.                        Seniors need our help to, help them learn about all the opportunities out there, don’t reject free stuff it is there for you. We owe our seniors.

19.                        Rural Vermont is struggling. Must bring jobs. Certainly broadband- cloud computing.

20.                        So why vote for Beste.

a.     Beste is a uniter. No special interest, vast tech experience. Crosses proverbial aisle will talk to anyone

b.     Hard worker yet easy going.

c.      Family man

d.     No BS, straight shooter

e.     I check my ego at the door. Everyone has good ideas.

f.       Vast experience w FDA, building own home, the Patent and Trade Organization

g.      City, State, and National level, The insidious finger pointing between Bernie Democrats and Trump Republicans. We will show others the Vermont way, which is to collaborate

Committee to Elect Russell Beste, Independent!
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