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Hello, I'm Russell Beste, Independent Self Funded Vermonter for U.S. Senate. I'm an energetic positive leader with a life-long track record of getting things done. My plans are to bring well-paying jobs to Vermont; fiscally protect our environment, schools, businesses, and families; focus on issues not sides, owe no favors, and answer only to you the voter!

Vermonter Russell Beste (pronounced Bestie!) is working hard to create well-paying jobs in Vermont so that our Seniors, Families, Children, and Children's Children can live in prosperity! Beste believes we can do this by bringing clean, small to mid-size companies with focus on technology (biotech, cloud computing, additive manufacturing), strongly support our local grown, globally recognized arts (crafts, arts, local foods, microbrews...), and enable our many talented small businesses by balancing state regulations and the very high Vermont taxes with needs for business efficiency - we need to more effectively manage our government. Beste has spent his entire career successfully leading these kinds of programs, building these kinds of companies!

Beste is also Independent, and as such is focused on resolving issues, not taking left vs. right sides. He also is entirely self-funded, and as such takes NO MONEY, owes NO FAVORS. Money has resulted in some of our political leadership focusing on special interest rather than improving the Vermont economy, which notably has been in decline since 2006. Along those lines, folks ought to be aware that Vermont's pension system(which funds teachers and state worker retirement) is barely half funded and in it's current state will not be able to cover the retirement promised by our state. Beste is working hard to fix this by actively moving to bring new, well paying private sector jobs to our great state of Vermont. 

Beste believes the world needs our United States to continue leading the world towards open markets, safety and a protected democracy, and lead the world charge to stop global warming. He is also working hard to protect our environment (including efforts to clean our beautiful Lake Champlain!), to keep Vermont green and clean! Beste is also moving to protect our uniquely Vermont artistic charm, our farmers and their farm fresh foods, and unmatched microbreweries and spirits. 

Beste is also working to stop the uncompromising left vs. right old-guard rhetoric that is dividing our nation, and plans to fight issue by issue, not left vs. right. He also very much opposes PACS, Super-PACS, and 501(c) Dark Money who are effectively stealing your vote. While Beste supports well-planned and executed government programs, Beste believes these programs must be fiscally managed and well balanced. Not balancing budgets will serve to divide and in fact further empower Trump's relentless hijacking of our government, especially with the current strong U.S. economy. Beste proposes rational, well planned fiscally responsible programs such as free/low cost online collegiate and skill-based training programs.

Beste recognizes that technology has enriched some at expense to others. To fix that, Beste believes we should drive well paying job growth into our middle class by consistently providing low cost online skill training, reducing state regulations to be consistent with national regulations, and controlling state taxation to be consistent with national averages. 

Beste also has specific plans for all of the following: support human rights; establish term limits to stop party favors and enable fresh ideas; stop the flow of PACs, super-PACS, and Dark Money who are stealing your vote; establish online baseline low cost college education for students achieving grades B and above; support our farmers with acquisition of good labor; modernize our armed forces; rapidly expand our biotechnology business capabilities; help our farmers and our uniquely Vermont arts, farm to table, and microbrewery scene; keep Vermont green and clean; support equality and diversity; reduce our terribly irresponsible national debt(each U.S. child born assumes $66,000 in debt!); and continue to make our schools great while preserving fiscal responsibility. 

Beste has a long track record of innovation, leadership, and success. Beste is a smartaccomplished, hard-working family man, dad to 3 kids (stay home Dad 5 years AND learned great respect for you Moms out there!), open minded, environmentally conscious, a man who is fully committed to bringing jobs to Vermont so that our kids, working families, and seniors can all live in peace and prosperity in our magical green state. A man who will fight for issues, not sides, and will stand up to all who opposed democracy, with articulate, fiscally responsible, better ideas. A man who is self-funded and independent, a man who owes no favors to anyone except you the American voter.

So please, vote for Independent Self-Funded  Russell Beste for Vermont U.S. Senator! (visit Russell Beste's LinkedIn Profile)

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